Terms & Conditions

1. What is CharityIdols?

Charity Idols is a non profit organisation, that aims to raise funds in order to reinforce charitable foundations, through the auctioning of sports memorabillia via www.charityidols.gr. Charity Idols constitutes the connecting link between celebrities and charitable foundations, in order to achieve the goal of their financial support. The innovation of the project, combined with charity idols' staff know-how, along with the use of new technologies, can guarantee the effective and retributive implementation of the project 

2. What percentage does CharityIdols take?

According to the Tax office from Chania, each auction is considered a commercial transaction and therefore the entire amount received is subject to VAT of 23%. Therefore, from the initial amount received, 15% is retained to cover the operating expenses of the CharityIdols (rent, technical support, legal support, accounting services, representation expenses, promotions, etc) 

3. How do the auctions work?

Auctions are held via charityidols.gr on a daily basis, according to the english auction model, where the buyer who places the highest bid wins. In order to place a bid, you have to sign up to Charityidols website,where your account is automatically activated. Before bidding, you should take into consideration that the lowest bidding is not the same for each auction. For bidding taking place in the last two (2) minutes, the auction will be automatically updated for an extra two (2) minutes. ANY BID DONE IN THE LAST SECONDS, RESULTING THE SERVER NOT TO HAVE TIME TO APPLY THE EXTRA 2 MINUTES, WILL BE CANCELLED

4. How do I pay?

You will be asked to choose a payment method in the e-mail notification. The user may chose to pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer

5. When do I have to make the payment?

Within 3 working days from the end of the auction. Otherwise, the winning bidder loses the item and is automatically expelled. The item will then be auctioned once again or awarded to the second highest bidder 

6. What is the starting price?

The reserve price is the minimum starting price: bids have to be higher than the base price 

7. Can I retract a bid?

No, because all bids are final and therefore impossible to take back. Participation in our auctions presupposes the unconditional acceptance of our terms of use and charity idols holds every right to take legal action against whoever violates them

8. How do I know if Iʼm the winning bidder?

Youʼll receive an e-mail notification

9. Shipment

Shipping in Greece will be processed by Geniki Tachidromiki every Thursday and Friday except holidays, at a cost of 10 euros. Shipping abroad will be processed by ELTA at a cost of 20 euros

10. Can I return an item back?

No, because the money will have already been deposited to the foundation

11. How can I be sure that Iʼm buying an original product?

CharityIdols guarantee the originality of the items that are put up for auction, since they were donated by the VIP'S-Members of CharityIdols for charity purpose. In addition to this, certificate of authenticity (COA) is provided for every item 

12. Can I participate in an auction anonymously?

No, you can not remain anonymous, because during your sign in, your personal data are automatically saved. While bidding, only your user name will appear in public

13. Can the winning bidder choose the Non-profit organization they wish to donate the proceeds to?

No, only the VIP'S and companies may choose the foundation they wish to support. By winning the auction youʼll contribute to supporting a good cause