Hello to all the supporters of Charity Idols. Through this text, i m given the opportunity to thank and congradulate all the guys who set it up, so that people in need and mainly children, have support to stand on their feet. Thanks to the big effort of the Charity Idols team and the help of athletes and collectors, the support to our fellow human beings is constantly growing. The road is long and tough, but we all hope to a better tommorow, for all the people in need. All we have to do, is stand by their side, in anyway we can

With respect
Dimitris Salpingidis

PANATHINAIKOS BC SUPERFOODS, through the years of co-operation with Charity Idols, would like to express our deepest congratulations for your social actions, that very methodically support humans and institutions. This is a very important initiative, that targets on collecting money to support those in need, based in the principals of solidarity and mutual respect, principals directly connected with sports and the spirit that PANATHINAIKOS BC SUPERFOODS represents. We are very proud to be by your side, and we will keep helping and support you, in all the ways that we can, so that you continue supporting people in need   

A big 'thank you' to Greek Basketball Association, to ARIS BC, PAOK BC, Nikos Galis, Alexander Vezenkov, Petros Mandalos, Sokratis Fytanidis, Thanasis Ntinas and Theodoros Sioutis who chose to support us, by giving Charityidols their items for auctions and everyone else who managed to collect 2.059 euros so far, for the children we support. And a bigger 'thank you' to all the team of Charityidols, who made this unique idea come true!

Platanias FC feels the honor to thank Charityidols for the excellent co-operation between us the last couple of years and also wants to congadulate charityidols for their social actions. The initiative and the offer of Charity Idols to the society reflects the values of our organization for solidarity to fellow human beings in need, which are an integral part of sports. Values that are common for PLATANIAS CHANION FC and Charity Idols. We are happy and proud that this cooperation continues and we promise that we will support with all our strength the efforts made daily by Charity Idols


We want to thank Charityidols for the support of our organization. We wish you have a season full of health and success
"Το Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού"


The Board of the Parents Association and Corfu Disability Friends expresses their warmest thanks once again, for the support to our work through your auctions and especially a big thank you to your athletes. By giving their personal belongings they show their social solidarity and sensitivity and thereby give joy to 25 children of Special Education Center Melissa and enhance the sustainability of our structure at times that are very difficult! We hope that we will have your valuable support and we wish you to continue so creatively and dynamically helping practically anyone in need


Charity idols.....For my kid it was a breath of life....a breath of life in the fight she is giving for the last 3 years....In the hardest economical situation of our country, you came to us like angels....That is how i show you, that is how i feel for you....A very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! A very big THANK YOU from YOUR Aspasia......

For me, the people of Charityidols will always be like angels, as they supported me at the hardest period of my life and my family...i wish and hope that god blesses you, as the cause you are serving is so important and holy and shows people with heart, soul and care for our fellow human beings...God bless you and may he give yoy health and strength to continue what you are doing....

I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Nikos Kizeridis

ARIS BC feels great honor and pride to co-operate with Charityidols, an non profit organization that helps our fellow human beings, at times that it is more necessary than ever. It is a basic principle for ARIS BC to support such actions, as our club believes that sports, as a part of our society, is extended further than the 4 lines of the court. ARIS BC supports and will continue to support Charityidols with every way that we can and will be asked from us, and we hope that Charityidols will find a lot more support in the very importan task they are doing for our society

A big thumbs up to all the people of Charity Idols, both for their innovative idea and the implementation of it. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to help with my sports memorabilia, the Children's Village in Filiro Thessaloniki, and our fellow people in need. Continue your good work!

Yours sincerely,
Apostolos Vellios

We, the people of ELIZA want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for supporting our work. Through your initiative, values conveyed through sport are converted into practical support for people in need. Together we can build a firewall for abused and neglected children.

Elise-Company Association against the Abuse of Children

Charity idols! Α simple word that has achieved so much, when a group of people decided and took the initiative to set it up with struggle, patience, perseverance, and other feelings that only themselves know. All they wanted was to succeed and to help and that was their goal from the beginning. And they achieved it with love, respect, patience, will, and above all faith toward their fellow man. I and my family thank them through the depths of our hearts for their help, but above all for the love they offer generously to George. A proverb says that where there is a fire, there is smoke. I say that where there is LIGHT there is HOPE and Charity Idols are next to us and they have proven it to us with acts, when through pain and suffering and trouble they came to us like a spark in our lives. I wish you to be always strong and to continue this work, which God has assigned to you because it has found something in you, that we probably do not have yet...

With honor and respect for you and your work, Ioannidou Maria - Sister of Giorgos Ioannidis

Through my heart, me and my family, would like to thank Charity Idols for the great help they offer us every month. Through a very difficult time of our life, a helping hand was next to us. With three young children our needs are a lot, and they are always there. Once again we thank Charity Idols for its offer to our family.

Yours sincerely, Kioris Andreas - Polycarpi - Dimitrios - Elias - Vasiliki

I am Leonidas Koutsoukis, 22 years old and for the last year and a half I have had a very serious health problem (Leukemia) that I had been forced to make public, so that I could collect the money I needed to go abroad and do what I needed to heal. In this tough life struggle I had Charity Idols close to me from the beginning of my adventure until the end of it! I would like to thank all of Charity Idols' people for their help, love and support to me, that in cooperation with the football and basketball players have gathered enough money to help me financially in my struggle. The words are unnecessary for those people who are doing this work to help people who suffer from serious illnesses. A HUGE thank you to charity Idols organization and to the people who maintain it and specifically to my very good friend, Giorgos Kyriazis, with whom I have been communicating throughout my adventure. I hope for health all over the world and for the family of Charity idols, who deserve the warmest applause!

Many thanks to all the athletes who supported and continue to support the fight of our son, Panagiotis Boufas. We also want to say a great thank you to Charity Idols, for your help and interest all the time, during the fight we have been giving, since the beginning of this adventure.

Sincerely thank you, the family of George and Helen Boufas

Dear creators of Charity Idols, dear athletes, dear fellow human beings, by writing this text I want to express my personal and my whole family's gratitude for the help you have been providing us all these months, whole our son Panagiotis passes through the most difficult period of his life, struggling to conquer it back again and stand upright and healthy. At a time when the state is virtually non-existent for all the families hit by a serious health problem, it was once again proved that solidarity among people is capable of giving the solution ... As a mother I feel like even if i had ten lives to live they would not be enough to thank God and the fellow human beings who helped Panagiotis, and against all the medical predictions he came out alive and is still strugglling to deal with the problems that arose as a result of his severe condition. Thank you very much for everything and I wish the the best to the creators of this idea, with the strength to continue this holy mission that they fulfill every day.

With unlimited appreciation for all of you, the family of Panagiotis Tsakalos

My name is Sofia Naxaki and i am the mother of Rafael Bourbakis. I would like to thank Charity Idols from the bottom of my heart, as with a great sensibility and determination they help my little son Rafael to get the wheelchair car that he needed so desperately. For our family, Charity Idols represent love and solidarity and i want to tell you a thousand times thanks for existing to help people! 

With unlimited love for all of you, the family of Rafael Bourbakis 

To be able to buy such an expensive wheel chair, that would make my son's everyday life a lot more easier, was an unreachable dream for me, as a single parent family. The family of Charity Idols, together with the help of PAOK captiain, Andre Vieirinha, made it come true. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and i wish you all health and happiness, so that you can be able to help a lot more kids like mine.

With great appriciation, the mother of Vasilis Sizopoulos, Nena


Thanks to Charity idols, children like my Angelakos find the support they deserve. It consists of people who believe in these children with much love, patience, and respect, giving them hope and helping them to restore. In this difficult time we are in, it is rare to find people with unselfish feelings for their fellow human beings. Thank you very much for my Angel, standing beside us in our problems and giving us generously your love and hope for tomorrow. Good Year to all of you, I wish God to reward you all that good you offer.

With love, Mother of Angelos Ladas, Alexandra 

In our enormous struggle to strengthen Christopher in his battle for his life in distant Mexico, the people of Charity Idols were among our main supporters and helpers. With enormous dedication, courtesy, respect, and determination to solve any problems that have arisen, they have given us considerable help and made us feel that we are not alone in this battle. The auctions with Nikos Galis were crowned with great success and we are grateful to those who participated. Charity Idols, truly deserve to be embraced by everyone that wants and can help our fellow humans who have had the misfortune to face some very serious problems. Power comes in solidarity and our world can be a little better.

I am Tryfonas Vassoudis, uncle of the young but huge fighter, Christoforos 

On behalf of Marilena and the rest of the family, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the creators of charityidols, the athletes who donned their shirts and the world, who helped to buy two bath handles to facilitate the day-to-day life of my daughter, Marilena. Marilena suffers from a very rare syndrome called Ocamoto and besides psychomotor retardation, she has problems with basic organs and the spine. She has done 13 interventions, the last two in the spine in a year! With Marilena's extraordinary expenses and two other children, the amount to buy these two handles was prohibited!

Anna Gerogianni, Marilena's mother

Sports is not just  physical effort but a complete struggle for the athlete to succeed, to reach high, to conquer his ideals and to transform himself, the team and all who share his passion, to something better. Sports has transformed you people, into something high, but you have transformed sports into something high in turn. You became one with Thodoris in his struggle, you made with him a team that struggles with the strongest power, that of Love, to conquer the most precious trophy, life itself. You fight with Theodore for life itself. You believed in Theodore, you loved him and gave him Hope. Thank you!!!!

Christina Bouraimi, mother of Thodoris 
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