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Athlitikos Omilos Platania Chanion (commonly referred to as Platanias F.C. or simply Platanias) is a Greek football club based in Platanias, Chania. The association was founded in 1931 by Antonis Varouxakis. The club currently competes in the Superleague for the first time in their history, after winning the promotion play-offs of 2011–12 Football League. The 1942–43 AO Platanias struggled in the final Cup with the traditional association Talos but having significant absences as patients and goalkeeper Kouroupi ladaki and Galanis, who brought gun wound in the abdomen. Although Platanias lost the match, the final had a special importance because of the costumes of players. The jerseys were made from flags that had been stolen from the warehouses of the Germans, and residents had turned into the athletic apparel seamstresses in the village! From this fact, probably the red jerseys of the team were introduced. With the same attire they struggled even against groups of German soldiers, who indeed seemed to show sporting ethic even when they lost. In 1945 the team languished due to heavy immigration and the civil war that caused many players to leave their homeland. In 1958 the initiative was reestablished by Manolis Mathioulakis and the first president was Emmanuel Kallitsakis, doctor and playing at local third category. Then he became a member of the Union of Football Associations (NSOs) and Chania first year climbed category, where Platanias remained until 1969. In 1970 they played for the first time in A "local class". In 1971 they competed in Platanias an important game with the Renaissance Chania (today Ionia), but because of the political situation of the time, the team was wronged, there was conflict in the court, and the team was punished and remained inactive until 1975. After the restoration in 1975, they were struggling to C local class, where they remained for two years and then went to B local category, where they played for another two years to finally end up to play in the A category. The rise of Platanias begun in 1980, when the team participated in the National Amateur Championships (equivalent to the existing C "National") contestant in Greece. After their first two matches, the team took a radical renewal, with footballers – inhabitants of Platanias. In 1985 they moved category (D "National"), but relegated the same year. For three years they fought in the First local championship of Chania. In 1989 they went on again to the Fourth National class for two periods. In 1993, after relegation, they struggled for a few years in the Regional Championship. Between 2002 to 2009 Platanias played in Regional Championship having a starring role in collecting of 305 points in total being at that time the second team in points collecting in Crete, after Chersonissos. The best, by then, football year history of Platanias, was the 2008–09 and after a stunning season they won the regional championship. In 2009–10 season, the team fought for the first time in Football League 2 and manages, after a long race effort, to remain in the category. Specifically, they won 38 points in all 34 games, finishing in 12th position in the league! The next year 2010–11 in Football League 2 Platanias after excellent performances, managed to finish in the 5th place, but gained promotion due to Koriopolis scandal, when many teams were relegated from the Football League. The period 2011–12 at Football League started with the best conditions for Platanias, who manages to stand out from the beginning and even won the title of "champion of winter." The last day finds Platanias fifth in the standings with 60 points. At the promotion play-offs of 2011–12 Football League the team of Chania is making excellent appearances against Kallithea, Kalloni and Panachaiki to take first place and make it to the Superleague for the first time in their history, but also more generally in the history of Chania's football. The first season in Superleague Greece, Platanias finished in 9th place with 36 points. They beat historical teams of the category such as Panathinaikos with 2 wins home & away (totally 3 with Greek Cup win), AEK with 1 home win & Aris with 2 wins home & away. The biggest impact of this season, is about eliminated Panathinaikos in Fourth Round of Greek Cup on a two-legged match. The municipal ground of Platanias, built in 1959 and still exists today, was built by the same residents who were using hoes to dig the field with donkeys carrying soil used to fill the field. Today FC Platanias uses three pitches, two of which (grounds of Platanias and Maleme) belongs to Municipality of Platanias and one (Perivolia Municipal Stadium) in the Municipality of Chania. The ground of Platanias, which located within the village, have plastic turf of modern standards since 2008–09 period. The municipal ground of Maleme is land granted by the Greek Air Force in Platanias, who built the stadium with natural grass. Platanias played in this ground, until 2011–12 period. From the season 2012–13 the team competes in Perivolia Municipal Stadium of Chania, which took place in record time, extensive upgrading and modernization work at all levels to meet in full all the obligations set by the organizing principle of Superleague and NOVA TV. The Municipal Ground of Perivolia has now "morphed" into a modern football stadium, with two tiers (one of them covered), journalists theories, comfortable – brand new changing rooms for athletes and referees (female assistants are separate changing rooms), dispensary, gym, comfortable office for the observer of the match, great room for press conferences and other venues


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