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Total Funds Raised: 1242.25 €

ELEPAP offers a series of programs of holistic intervention for children from infancy to school age. It constantly monitors international scientific developments, organizes and participates in scientific conferences and colloquia. ELEPAP also ensures that the families of children taking part in its programs are given adequate support, ensuring that there is a strong alliance between the inter-disciplinary scientific team of ELEPAP and each child and childʼs family, in a climate of altruism, co-operation and trust. ELEPAPʼs therapeutic interventions are organized in the form of programs of holistic approach, depending on the developmental needs and abilities of each child. They are divided into personal, team, and inter-disciplinary scientific programs. At the regular inter-disciplinary scientific consultations, each childʼs progress is monitored, new targets are set and personal programs are created. The aim of all programs and interventions at ELEPAP is the reinforcement of motor, sensory, verbal, cognitive, social, emotional and intellectual development. Through ELEPAP programs, personal sessions are combined with group activities, entertainment and play are included in functional rehabilitation, and the psycho-pedagogical approach coexists with medical monitoring.


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